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Let’s Go Driving is one of the most affordable driving institutions in Ottawa, Canada. Whether you have some or no experience of driving in Ottawa, private driving instructors of our institute are fully capable of adapting their training module to fit your specific needs.

Our highly skilled and cooperative instructors would assist you to become fully skilled and responsible motorist. We have been accredited as the top driving school for the second year in a row. That rating undoubtedly talks volumes for our devotion to giving highly professional chauffeur training courses.

Why Need Personalized Driving Training?

This is a question often asked by some individuals, in fact, it is somewhat sensible that why you would spend money on a driving institute when you can learn to drive from your father, a brother or a friend. The answer to this question is that it is one of the most essential steps in obtaining the driving licence. That is why most people prefer to get private driving training in Ottawa.

At Let’s GO Driving, we have kept our reputation to be among the best driving schools. We have most accredited as well as experienced driving instructors. Our institute is equipped with the latest vehicles to provide high-quality driving lessons to our pupils. We not only help you get your driving licence efficiently but also guide them on how to be cautious while taking decisions in case of emergencies.

Our driving instructors provide result-oriented training to our newbie vehicle drivers. We are famous for offering cheap and affordable private driving lessons in Ottawa while keeping the standards up to the mark.

Why Choose Us

No need to mention the low-cost fee schedule; there are more than one reason why you should prefer us. Some of these are as follows:

  • Qualified and highly competent instructors

  • Modern training equipment and latest vehicles

  • Driving in traffic with fully customized training

  • There are no hidden charges.

Get in touch:

Feel free to call us today to learn more about our training modules at (613) 890-8833, you can also mail us at

1390 Prince of Wales Dr #101, Ottawa, ON K2C 3N6, Canada

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