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September 12, 2018

1. Turning wheels on a left turn is dangerous

It’s dangerous to set the wheels in advance before making a left turn. They must be in the initial position. If you get bumped from the back you might be thrown into incoming traffic where hitting other cars will be inevitable.

2. Pay attention to the speedometer after leaving a highway

Driving on high speeds for long periods of time can make regular

driving feel like a snails pace. When leaving the highway make sure to always to keep a mental note of this.

3. Know your vehicle 

If you got a new car, the first thing you must do is to know it more. Don’t just start driving the car. Turn it on and look at the buttons. Turn on the switches for rear fog lights and the front and other lights available there, and remember to always READ YOUR CAR MANUAL.

4. Adjust your mirrors 

Once you enter the driver’s seat, you must adjust the mirrors. Your mirrors will show what’s behind you, but they will not show you what’s outside your peripheral vision. Wear your seat belt and keep the rules in mind. You should avoid distractions while driving especially when you are driving in a heavy traffic area. Keep your eyes and attention focused every single second.

5. Driving during bad weather

Driving during bad weather can be dangerous, but its not possible for some people to avoid driving their car during the winter season. Keep your windshield wipers on and headlights on in freezing rain, fog or snow. It provides visibility and helps other drivers see you better. If it is raining too intensely, you must find a safe place to pull over to until the rain stops. Never use cruise control in wet condition.

6. Driving near a school zone

It is essential to be mindful when you are driving a car around the school campus. You must stop your vehicle when it comes with flashlights on. The flashing light means children are getting on or off the bus. Never park your vehicle in fire lane around the school area because you would be blocking the area where parking is reserved for fire engines.

7. Do not tailgate


First off tailgating will make you highly dislikeable by other drivers and most importantly can pose as a risk to your safety and the safety of others around you. The "three second rule" is a trick that could help prevent that which is keeping a three second time frame between you and the vehicle ahead of you. Pick a point of reference ( which could be a tree street sign etc.) and  adjust your speed so there's a three second difference between you and the car ahead of you.

8. Make sure you're comfortable

Driving is a serious task. You're essential controlling a 4 thousand pound beast traveling at high speeds, in a confined area where the results of error could be deadly. So we urge you take 

9. Wear your seat belt

The last two tips don't need explaining but here you go anyways. Wear your seat belt. To put it more bluntly, if you want a higher chance of survival after a car crash remember to wear your seat belt.

10. Don't driver under the influence...

Just don't.

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