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Eager to get behind the wheel? Well, first you will need to get your driving license. Finding a good instructor can prove to be the most challenging and daunting task because there are several options available in the market. Selecting the one that will suit you best can be rather difficult but at Let’s Go Driving School, we have highly qualified and professional instructors who can provide customized driving lessons in Ottawa.

Why enrol in a class?

A beginner faces a lot of difficulties when learning from an unprofessional person. Hence, if you want to learn technical details and obtain your license in the first attempt, then going to a professional school is a step in the right direction. At Let’s Go Driving School, we understand all the difficulties a pupil faces during the training process. We prepare our students for every stage, and the programs we offer focus not only on basics but nitty-gritties as well.

How we do it:

Once you enrol in our drivers lessons in Ottawa, we will provide you with the thorough training for basic driving, what actions you should take in stressful situations and tips and tricks to help to you pass the test easily. We alter our lessons according to the performance of our students, making a comfortable environment for them to fully understand and implement what is being taught. Our highly qualified and friendly trainers will make you confident and provide you with tips on safe driving. Moreover, despite providing theoretical classes, our focus is on practicality and implementation. We can arrange practice at a time convenient to you.

Our Instructors:

At Let’s Go Driving, we have both male and female instructors so that you can feel comfortable with your trainer. They are professional and licensed, so you can be assured that the person you are learning from will provide you with the best possible training. They are equipped with the comfortable and steady vehicles and take every precautionary measure to ensure safety while practising.

Give us a line:

Want to know more or want to reserve your seat? Get in touch with us today by calling us at, Tel: (613) 890-8833 or you can send us an email at

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