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We know that it is difficult to choose an institute for a driver's ed program, especially when you have to do it for your novice teenager son or daughter. Let’s Go Driving School is one of the best options for you as it offers an affordable and comprehensive training plan you will find nowhere else. Our instructors make sure that your teen is ready to safely and legally get on the road, so you may not get worried.

How do we help you?

Gaining a driving licence, in fact, requires much more than only passing your driving test. That’s why our experts at Let’s Go Driving School have organized some valuable and detailed sets of instructions that will help you en route. An outline of these is:

  • We fully understand all the important aspects of a comprehensive driver’s ed program that is why we deliver a state-approved & acclaimed program in a hassle-free and affordable package.

  • From registration to the qualification test, you get short, easy-to-understand sessions, loaded with interesting teaching tools.

  • Our extensive training program enables you to become a full-fledged driver.

  • With cooperative and easy-going instructors on-board, we create a relaxed environment for our students which results in better retention and confidence boost.

Our state-certified driver’s education programs include every necessary element you may expect from an industry-leading driver’s learning program. Our program covers all the important aspects of a driving training programme, i.e. traffic rules, street rules, and defensive driving methods. We have designed this program in such a manner that when you get your certificate and get on the roads on your own, you’ll be much better prepped to steer securely.

Why Us?

We help you take your course in the way it works best for you.

Our theoretical and practical set of instructions is fully customized according to the psyche of each student. Short, easy-to-understand sections help you preserve what you learn and practice. It is actually the fastest and simplest way to pass your driver’s test. All our training programs are affordable and available at market competitive pricing.

Last but not least, we fully understand the various hurdles you might face while driving in the Ottawa region. We help you get prepared for everything essential for you to drive safely and defensively on a busy road. Our driving lessons are not only available for youngsters but for people of all ages.

Contact Us

If you want to know more about our training programs and fee schedules, call us on (613) 890-8833. You can also email us at

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