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Driving Lesson

How to Save on Car Insurance

September, 25, 2018

Compare insurance quotes from different companies

when it comes to saving on car insurance, the most important things you can do is compare.If you’re only getting one quote from a single insurance company, what are the odds that it’s the lowest quote out there? Only by getting multiple quotes and comparing them can you know for sure.

Keep a clean record

A clean driving record is the best ways to keep your car insurance costs down. Having traffic tickets on your record or being involved in an accident at fault can increase your insurance rates when it comes to renewal.

Invest in a driving course

Car insurance is much more expensive for new and young drivers who don't have a lot of driving experience or history as an insured driver. Taking an Ontario Ministry Of Transportation approved driver training course will qualify young and new drivers for additional auto insurance savings. Many save up to 10% upon completing driving school.

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